Albury Business Connect Sponsorship

We create opportunities to grow and thrive. We do this by being engaging, progressive and close to our members.

Why our sponsors are the best

Our sponsors are driving the vitality and growth of our region. Their unwavering support and commitment make them fantastic contributors to our community. Here’s why:

Championing Local Businesses: Our sponsors are dedicated to fostering a thriving local economy. Their contributions enable us to support local businesses, provide essential resources, and create opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

Enhancing Community Development: The generosity of our sponsors directly impacts community projects and initiatives. They play a crucial role in supporting education and connections that enrich the lives of everyone in Albury.

Promoting Innovation and Growth: By backing the Chamber, our sponsors help drive innovation and sustainable growth in our region. Their investment in local enterprises helps bring fresh ideas to life, creating a dynamic and forward-thinking community.

Building Strong Connections: Our sponsors understand the importance of relationships and community spirit. Their involvement helps to strengthen ties between businesses, community leaders, and individuals, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.

Commitment to Excellence: The businesses and individuals who sponsor the Albury Chamber of Commerce are leaders in their fields. Their commitment to excellence and integrity sets a benchmark for others, inspiring confidence and pride in our community.

Our sponsors are more than just financial supporters, they are champions of progress and community well-being. Their dedication to Albury makes them invaluable partners in our mission to create a vibrant, prosperous, and inclusive community.

Our Chamber


We have over 400 businesses as members and we’re growing.


Over 750 individuals are in our member database and receive our newsletter.


Over 35 events per year including networking events, business builders and more!


Established in 2006, we have been supporting Albury business for nearly 20 years.


More than 6,500 people follow us across our social media.

Sponsorship benefits

Become Part of a Powerful Network

Join a Thriving Business Community: Connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals, creating valuable partnerships throughout our business development events.

Unlock Hidden Resources: Access industry insights, educational programs, and essential business tools.

Unmatched Exposure & Growth

Reach Hundreds of Engaged Customers: Get your brand in front of a targeted audience with a membership database of 400+ businesses. Elevate your brand: Network with key industry leaders and build lasting credibility across our region’s business community through consistent engagement and industry knowledge.

Membership Included

Be part of a vibrant business community and gain access to valuable resources.

Maximise Your Marketing Impact

Targeted Promotions: Reach potential customers through our extensive media channels, promoting your products, services, and events.

Strategic Partnerships: Collaborate on innovative projects and joint ventures, with Albury Business Connect fostering a long-term partnership that drives mutual success.

Recognition and appreciation

Community Supporter: Show your commitment to the Albury-Wodonga community by supporting its growth and success.

Sponsorship benefits


Increase your brand recognition, product awareness and regional exposure through exclusive branding opportunities.


A Chamber sponsorship can provide promotion of your business and signage on the Chamber website and banners for events.


Being aligned to the Albury Chamber will provide the corporate partner with reputational benefits having partnered with a community minded business organisation.


Opportunity to promote your business through our face to face and online events.

Event Sponsorship

Opportunity to host a Business After Hours, After 5 or a bespoke event to get a targeted message out to the Albury business community.


Be part of a visible and respected business group which advocates on key business issues for Albury.


This unique opportunity enables your organisation to demonstrate support and commitment to the region and its many businesses.


Expand your external networks and be connected to key influencers.


Connect with and get your message in front of over 800 business people in the Albury region.