The #saythankyou campaign, rolled out across the Chamber’s social media pages this week, prompts businesses to show gratitude to their team, their peers, and other businesses for their hard work.

Albury Northside Chamber of Commerce’s General Manager Carrick Gill-Vallance says its important to acknowledge how much effort everyone is putting in while still facing ongoing struggles.

“The border closure has been tough on so many,” says Carrick.

“It’s easy to become overwhelmed by it all, but we think taking the time to say thank you really does go a long way.”

To lead by example, the Chamber have been giving a ‘shout out’ to the businesses they interact with regularly through social media posts and stories.

“As a business, we definitely rely on a variety of other businesses to keep ours going,” says Carrick.

“Our printing, our internet, our accounting; it’s a team effort and we want to acknowledge those who help us.”

The Chamber is encouraging other businesses and consumers to follow suit, to thank not only the businesses they work with, but also fellow team members, regular clients, and businesses they interact with regularly. Making it public – through social media or on your website – also helps by giving businesses added exposure.

“When you pick up your morning coffee or grab a bite to eat, take a quick snap and share it on your Facebook or Instagram page. It lets others know about the great work our local businesses are doing.”

For ideas on how you can #saythankyou, follow Albury Northside Chamber of Commerce on Facebook or Instagram.