Celeste Peirce – Business Edge Advisors

As a Business Growth Strategist, I am committed to working with clients to build their brand, vision, values, goals, and strategic plans, while guiding them on how to scale and grow their business to achieve their commercial outcomes. I’m passionate about collaboration and listening to the people that I meet and the stories that they share to find opportunities for me to connect them with people, resources and tools to help them on their business journey.

With a background in leadership and team development, I bring a unique capacity to motivate and drive change across internal organisations, while maintaining a purposeful connection throughout the process. I have written and delivered training and workshops both in-house and externally, to small and large groups of people, proving my innate skills in this space. I genuinely love what I do and I pride myself on my ability to connect with others in the business sector, and building relationships with others founded on mutual respect and drive to see them succeed.

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