Business Fibre

Albury, Wodonga, and Lavington have been chosen as three of the 240 locations across Australia to be classified by NBN Co’s Business division as a CBD Zone. Providing businesses in the region with affordable pricing for services that typically were reserved for businesses in the state capitals.

NBN Business fibre provides businesses with asymmetrical dedicated fibre connection supporting speeds of up to 1Gbps. These speeds will allow Albury Wodonga to support growing businesses with large offices now being able to support larger workforces as businesses continue to embrace cloud technologies. Even businesses with on premise servers and workloads will be able to see the benefits through faster access for their remote workforces.

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NBN Upgrades

The NBN Network has now passed its largest milestone of build complete, and NBN Co has moved into its next phase to continually improve the performance of the network. By 2023 NBN Co plan to have 75% of homes and businesses able to access speeds of over 500Mbps and close to 1Gbps through a $4.5 billion investment.

These upgrades will be completed on demand through your retail service provider, where, after the order is placed NBN Co will complete the upgrade to supporting technologies such as Fibre to the Premise.

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Lightning IP, an NBN Service Provider in Albury and one of our members, are offering a free consultation to assess if NBN Business Fibre is suitable for your business. Contact them on (02) 6045 9000 or for more information.