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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a parklet?

A parklet is a footpath extension, generally into parking zones, that provides more space and amenities for people using the street.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of parklets?

There are numerous arguments for and against parklets. They can increase economic activity by encouraging people to stay longer but can also change the dynamics of a precinct.

Are parklets just for outdoor dining?

No. Parklets can be places for rest and relaxation, community connection, temporary trade, entertainment and a myriad of other uses including outdoor eating and dining.

Where did the idea come from?

There have been some great examples of parklets being established during the COVID lockdown period, in particular in Victoria, creating vibrant, safe spaces for people to enjoy. Albury Business Connect and AlburyCity have received feedback that parklets could rejuvenate our shopping precincts.

Who is delivering the project?

Albury Business Connect were engaged by AlburyCity to investigate the demand for parklets. Ross Smith Consulting is leading the project on behalf of Albury Business Connect.

When is consultation with the business community happening?

Consultation is occurring throughout April 2021 with analysis of the results in early May.

What locations are being considered for parklets?

The study area is the Dean Street commercial precinct from Macauley Street to Olive Street and the Mate Street commercial precinct from Union Road to Tarakan Avenue/Gulpha Street.

Has there already been a decision to instal parklets?

No. Businesses are being consulted to determine the support for a trial and/or longer-term installations of parklets prior to any decision.

Where would parklets be created?

In locations that have the support of the business community, in particular adjacent businesses, and match their intended use.

Are parklets a priority?

Parklets are becoming very popular, and residents/visitors are starting to look for them. Local businesses and their customers will determine whether they are necessary given other competing priorities.

How many parklets could be created?

This will depend on the level of support, location considerations and an assessment of the street capacity.

How many car parks are likely to be lost to create a parklet?

Depending on the location this can vary based on the car parking configurations and the parklet design but as a guide 2-4 car spaces could be lost for each parklet.

Where would a parklet be made?

With ample capacity in the local manufacturing sector it will be a priority to design and construct the parklets locally. 

How would the parklets be funded?

Potentially by a mix of local, state and commonwealth government funding but there is scope for private/public partnerships where appropriate.

Would there be much disruption for the installation of a parklet?

Typically a temporary parklet is constructed off site and “dropped in” overnight to minimise the impact on the site, adjacent businesses, and shoppers.

Are parklets safe and accessible to all?

YES, parklets would be designed and constructed in line with building standards including protection from vehicles. Each site will have a road safety assessment or audit to ensure users are protected from vehicles and the position of the parklet is appropriate. Parklets will be DDA compliant.

What business support is required to progress to a trial?

This project is about measuring business sentiment and interpreting the support for parklets. A parklet trial could only go ahead with the support of businesses adjacent to any proposed parklet location.

When would a parklet trial start?

Given the planning, approvals and construction required it would be feasible for a trial to commence in 2022.

How long would a parklet trial last?

A trial could be from 3 months to 12 months or longer based on the feedback from businesses. Given the cost of the parklets a longer trial would provide a better “return on investment”.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact:


Ross Smith |  Project Coordinator

0492 958 406

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